Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight


Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight is developed by BoRoBoRoGame, and published by OTAKU Plan.


This is a game that includes beautiful anime girls, auto chess, and gal game.Players need to recruit companions to improve the battle force, deploy the troops to defeat the succubus, improve, govern the city, and fight against desire!

Celine –A young Paladin.
When people were most desperate, she led the Army to repel the invasion of demons with courage and faith.
It was not until a new demon leader suddenly appeared ——
And she said, “I will take everything I want, including you, my little Knight…”
When the strange tattoo that is on the abdomen slowly emerged, the desperate countdown that is for besieging the city began.
As the lord of the city, will you stick to your faith to resist hard, or choose to surrender to desire?
Under the more and more fierce attack of the demons…
Sell your body to make up for the hollowed-out Treasury, or stick to the bottom line and restrain your desires?
Will you accept the succubus’ “kindness” or fight it out?
Is it the dawn of hope or the end of despair?
In such a tottering city, your choices will determine Celine’s fate ——






Adult Only DLC


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